2012 Kansas Poverty Report

How Does Poverty Affect Me? 

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At a Glance - Key Facts About Kansas Poverty Today
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Why this report matters
What is poverty
Assets matter
Who is poor
What has changed & What has Not
Poverty Across Kansas
And Much More
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Poverty - What Has Changed, and What Has Not
Poverty Across Kansas
People in Poverty in Kansas
How Does Kansas Compare
Why Are Poeple Poor
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Low-Wage Employment
Structural Barriers to Economic Mobility
What Does It Mean to Be Poor
Unaffordable and/or Poor-Quality Housing
Housing Policy Priorities
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Health Policy Priorities
Filling In the Gaps - Other Key Policy Priorities
Economic Insecurity & the Lifetime Risk of Poverty
Poverty & Healthy Communities
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What Can We Do About It
Looking Back: Poverty in Kansas SInce Living on the Edge
How Community Action Agencies Combat Poverty
What To Do Now
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Poverty in Kansas by Region