Conference on Poverty

2016 Kansas Conference on Poverty

 July 20-22, 2016 in Topeka, Kansas


2016 Kansas Conference on Poverty: Creating Opportunities Together

More than six years past the end of the Great Recession many Kansans have yet to find their economic footing.  Median household income remains lower than before the recession.  Most people in Kansas, including most families in poverty, have jobs, but in a weak economy where many jobs pay not much more than the minimum wage the path to greater opportunity is hard to find.

What is happening to the American promise of opportunity?  How can we restore the promise? How do we work together – across organizations, racial, ethnic and gender differences and geographies – to create opportunities for all?  These are some of the questions we want to explore during the 2016 conference.

We have a distinguished line up of speakers who will help us address these questions, including:

Dr. Gloria Wilder, founder of CORE HEALTH and a nationally recognized speaker and expert on poverty and economic segregation in health care.  She will speak about health equity, poverty as a key social determinants of health and the importance of expanding Medicaid. 

H. Luke Shaefer, co-author of $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America.  The book has been widely praised for its descriptions of the lives of the very poor and for its analysis of how “welfare reform” aggravated the problem of deep poverty - the New York Times included it in its list of the most notable books of 2015.

Tamara Draut, discussing why so many Americans are struggling financially and what we can do to create economic opportunity for all. Ms. Draut is the vice president, research and policy, for Demos, a leading think tank that does a lot of work on economic opportunity.  She is widely published and is a frequent commentator on news programs.  Her new book will be coming out this April.

In addition to these and other keynote speakers the conference will offer timely and informative workshops on state-of-art anti-poverty programs, agency capacity building, policy issues, advocacy and more. 

For more information and to register, please visit the 2016 Kansas Conference on Poverty webpage. 

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