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Poverty: A to Z

"I came to see art and I read about my life."

Poverty: A-Z is a multi-media installation incorporating photography and music with the spoken and written word, presenting voices and stories from across the state. The stories are real. The art and music are original. The impact is life-changing.

A Top Ten Finalist for the Ideas in Action Award.

Poverty: A-Z has 26 panels, 10 floors stamps, and two hours of original music by the band Invisible Bike. Together, they create a maze of art and imagery that participants walkthrough, quite literally getting lost in a world of poverty issues.

Perfect for Libraries, Art Galleries, Event Spaces, and more.

Contact us at (785) 234-0878 for more information about Poverty: A-Z. This project connects our clients, staffers, and volunteers in a united effort to tell the poverty story; we are trying to reach friends and colleagues, communities and leaders with a new message about what it means to live in, fight against and conquer poverty.

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