2015 Kansas on Poverty

Please mark your calendars! The 2015 Kansas on Poverty is July 15-17, 2015 in Topeka, Kansas. Registration is scheduled to open in April. If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Jarvis by email or 785-234-0878.

We are looking for Presenters!

To help participants of the Kansas Conference on Poverty be a part of the solution, we are looking for trainings and workshops that help them ask and answer important questions, like: How to a start a community dialogue about poverty? How do we identify the trends in poverty? How do we define success? What are proven strategies to will help us win the War on Poverty?  Subjects can include - just to name only a few possibilities - Housing and Homelessness, Hunger and Food Access, Employment and Working Families, Outcomes-Based Performance Management, Organizational Management and Capacity-Building, Health Care, Education Access, Public Policy or Advocacy. Click here to submit a presentation proposal.

We are looking for Exhibitors!

To have a space in the Vendor Hall of the 2015 Kansas Conference on Poverty is to offer information on your services, products or programs that will help participants realize they are not alone in the fight against poverty, and that together we are a part of the SOLUTION. Click here to reserve your space today.

We are looking for Partners!

In order to continue to be an innovator and catalyst for change - to be a part of the solution - we MUST partner with experts in EVERY field from EVERY corner of the Nation to develop a framework for economic security. This includes partners who can financially assist with the costs of hosting an event of this magnitude. The benefits of sponsorship will astound you. Email Tiffany to learn more.